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Our Winning Team

Our team is comprised of experienced industry experts that are dedicated to the resident experience first and foremost. We invest in every community putting together a team that meets the high standards we set for ourselves. Every team member shows an exemplary level of professionalism, service, and integrity.


Property Operations

Ebner Daniel Ebner President Carol Peddy Carol Peddy Senior Vice President - Operations Crawford Allison Crawford Senior Vice President - Strategic Services and Technology Nancy Casteel Nancy Casteel Vice President - Operations Kristie McKee Kristie McKee Vice President - Operations Misty Wilson Misty Wilson Senior Regional Property Manager – Phoenix Kellie Russell Kellie Russell Regional Property Manager - DFW Nancy Garivey Nancy Garivey Regional Property Manager - Houston Lacey Clemmer Lacey Clemmer Regional Property Manager - DFW Kayla Ewens Kayla Ewens Regional Property Manager - Houston Shannon Renz Shannon Renz Regional Property Manager - DFW/San Antonio Stephanie Singleton Stephanie Singleton Regional Property Manager – North Carolina Michelle Halili Michelle Halili Regional Property Manager - Houston Jennifer Manus Jennifer Manus Regional Property Manager – North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida Jessica Medrano Jessica Medrano Regional Property Manager – Austin Priscilla Deleon Priscilla Deleon Regional Property Manager – DFW/Oklahoma Jami Davis Jami Davis Regional Property Manager – Phoenix Susana Medina Susana Medina Regional Property Manager – DFW Karen Elam Karen Elam Regional Property Manager – Houston Carrie Pearce Carrie Pearce Regional Property Manager - DFW Gray Barbara Gray Operations Support Manager Tara Pittman Tara Pittman Operations Support Manager Rachelle Pierce Rachelle Pierce Operations Support Specialist Regina Ramos Regina Ramos Operations Support Specialist Eva Cabral Eva Cabral Operations Support Specialist Sierra Ghafoorian Sierra Ghafoorian Operations Support Trainer Elena Martinez Elena Martinez Senior Regional Trainer Cameron Colletti Cameron Colletti Regional Trainer Camila Hernandez Camila Hernandez Regional Trainer Joselin Villasenor Joselin Villasenor Regional Trainer Taylor Wormann Taylor Wormann Regional Trainer Elisa Celestino Elisa Celestino Regional Business Manager Tara Griffin Tara Griffin Director of Apartment Life