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About Knightvest


Knightvest is an industry-leading multifamily investment and management firm known for creating communities of excellence and delivering dependable results that enable investors, employees, and residents to thrive.

As a vertically-integrated firm, Knightvest specializes in renovating and repositioning multifamily properties with a unique approach focused on setting a new standard in design-driven quality, executing with operational efficiency, and leading with a people-first culture.

Since its founding in 2007, Knightvest has invested over $10 billion to acquire over 55,000 units across high-growth metro areas in Texas, Arizona, the Carolinas, and Florida to become one of the largest apartment owners in the United States.

Knightvest Residential is the company’s property management division focused on putting residents first and enabling them to thrive by creating communities with the finest finishes and amenities at an extraordinary value.

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We Care

At Knightvest, we not only care about delivering the highest-quality living environment, but we also care about creating a thriving community where residents are appreciated and supported.  To help us fulfil these goals, we partner with an organization called Apartment Life.

Apartment Life partners with our on-site team to deliver the Apartment Life Program. We have the opportunity to build community and serve residents by welcoming new neighbors, planning social functions, and caring in times of need. Together we can change the lives of people living in apartment communities, and one person at a time, we can change the world. 

To learn more about Apartment Life, visit apartmentlife.org.